Irish American actor Kevin McHale is the surprise guest tonight as the Glee project sorts out its final four. He announces that the homework song for this week is 'Lean on Me'

McHale who was born in Plano, Texas is descended from County Mayo immigrants to America he told the Regis Philbin show on August 5th.

McHale plays the wheelchair bound cast member Arty Ambrams on Glee and has a hugely popular fan base.

Kevin is the youngest of four. He has a brother named Tim (born in August 1981) and a sister

He admits to loving the Disney Channel actress and singer Demi Lovato and growing up with her.

Damian McGinty said he had 'no idea' who the new guest would be until he saw Kevin in the flesh. The Irish connection will hopefully make the Derryman feel even more at home!