It’s now down to the final five and Andrews is looking more and more like a contender on “Dancing with the Stars.”

This week it seems like she might have more fire in her belly than usual. Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s unfortunate comments on “The View” about Andrews' costumes have evoked shock and anger amongst the public and more importantly the Andrews and the other contestants on the show.

Hasslebeck said that Andrews' attire on the show was racier than the rest and inappropriate. As we know if anyone is guilty of being racy its Andrews' partner Maks!

She also made inappropriate comments about Andrews recent misfortune regarded and obsessive stalker.

The conservative “View” presenter later apologized personally to Andrews but the comments have rallied the contestants of “Dancing with the Stars” behind the ESPN sweetheart.

Lysacek tweeted "So disappointed that anyone would attack @ErinAndrewsESPN after all she's been through.

He was referring to Andrews’ experience with a stalker. The stalker, Michael David Barrett, 49, of Westmont, Illinois, has now been placed in prison for two and a half years for filming Andrews through a hotel bedroom door.

Niecy Nash's DWTS professional partner, Louie Van Amstel, tweeted "@ehasselbeck why did u have to throw @erinandrewsespn under the bus this morning? Shame on [you]...Leave her alone.

“Aren't u all working for the same network ABC/ESPN???? U should have each other's back, not trash talk Erin. I’m done enough said."

Andrews’ partner, Maksim Chmerikovsky, also had her back saying "I'm the one designing @ErinAndrewsESPN's dresses for the show, so I'll just assume that @ehasselbeck is jealous... and stupid [for] her comments."

A “Dancing with the Stars” insider has been reported as saying “The irony is that Elisabeth has single-handedly united everyone in America behind Erin. Elisabeth's comments have not only made Erin more determined to win.

This week all of the contestants will have to dance two individual dances each. It will be interesting to see who, from the five couples, can handle this new added pressure.