Demi Lovato

The 'Heart Attack' singer has called on her fans to help her wish to be recreated in plastic, like her childhood idol, become a reality ahead of her 21st birthday on August 20.

The 'X Factor' USA judge wrote on Twitter on Monday: "One of my biggest dreams, having collected Barbies since I was a kid, is to have my own Barbie BUT with my actual body type.. Weight & height.

"Lovatics! Blow up @BarbieStyle to make it happen! That would be one dope 21st birthday! Hahaha. Also, Barbie should make dolls with cellulite! After all, around 95% of ALL women have it!"

The singer then shared a number of messages from her fans, who showed interested in purchasing her "dream" doll.

One female fan wrote: "@BarbieStyle come on give @ddlovato a barbie that is actually her body type :) show girls all over the world what healthy looks like!!"

While another suggested that a doll that looked like Demi, who was previously treated in rehab for an eating disorder, would promote a healthier body image among young girls, writing: "@BarbieStyle A Barbie that is proportional to @ddlovato would be an amazing thing for every girl who has ever had an eating disorder."
Other celebrities that have previously been recreated in plastic by Barbie include Duchess Catherine, formerly known as Kate Middleton, Cher, Barbara Streisand, Marilyn Monroe and Faith Hill.