Colin Farrell at the 'Seven Psychopaths' premiere

The debacle of the summer bomb Total Recall well behind him, Colin Farrell is hitting the promo trail again these days for his latest, Seven Psychopaths, a Martin McDonagh ensemble film in which he co-stars with a cast including Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell.

The film opens on Friday – we’ve got a review and interview with McDonagh in our Craic section – and Farrell visited his go-to TV host, Ellen DeGeneres, to plug it.  For his appearance on Monday Ellen’s peeps put together a cute montage from all the other times he’s been on her show, and it’s clear that these two really, really like each other.

They talked about their mutual love of sweating toxins out of their bodies, but Colin, unlike Ellen, doesn’t like pouring water out of his buff body the infra red way, whatever that means. Turkish bathhouses, like the ones he favors in New York’s East Village, give a better sweat.

“It feels kind of primal,” Farrell said of the Turkish way. “They are better than the infra red saunas, they offer deeper penetration.”  And yes, the ladies in the audience, and Ellen herself, had a good chuckle at that line.

Farrell is currently working under sweat box conditions on the California desert set of Winter’s Tale with Will Smith and Russell Crowe.  Farrellplays a thief who a dying woman falls in love with after he breaks into her New York mansion.

“I love sweating. I love sweating. I’m shooting up in Simi Valley and it’s been hot,” he told Ellen. “It’s been 104, 5, 6 degrees everyday and ... it’s a period piece. I'm wearing a three-piece woolen suit and delightfully long underwear for a man.”

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Farrell also made time to share some childhood secrets with Jay Leno last week. “I was a hair puller, I used to pull my hair out,” he told Jay last Friday night.

“I liked biting nails too . . . I used to enjoy the feeling of plucking hair from my head.”

That’s probably not too strange considering his mother Rita made it her business to neatly arrange his secret stash of porn magazines.

“She is a big organizer -- she loves having things in order -- she’s a big fan of a clean house,” Farrell said.

“When I was a kid, she used to chronologically organize my porn mags. It’s wrong, just so wrong, because with those kinds of things you can judge a book by its cover.”

Now it’s down to Colin’s sister Claudine to do his life organizing as she works as his personal assistant, but Mama Farrell is still very much on the scene.

“My mother spends half the year here.  She comes over, two trips, three months each time,” Farrell revealed.

“She helps me out with my boys and she just loves being here because two of her three kids are here.  She stays with me and that’s her rent.”

Here, catch Colin Farrell on Ellen: