I do love a bit of rain. But when I say ‘a bit’ I mean just that. Our thousands of Facebook fans on IrishCentral were asked which they would prefer, the steamy hot summers of New York or the cool damp summers in Ireland.

Their answers were almost unanimous and will surprise you  

Personally I admit this New York weather does terrible things to me. It burns my pasty skin; the humidity makes my hair stand on end but regardless, give me this heat any day. Give me a sidewalk so hot you could fry a tasty egg and a sun so intense you pop in the Dunkin Donuts just to cool down.

As you can tell I’m out of touch --Here is just a few of the responses we got on our Facebook page:

Kevin Reynolds: Ireland any day, I hate the heat. I'd move to Ireland in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

Alicia Colle:  Give me Ireland's wet summer any day. I can't stand extreme heat, and it's easier to dry off then it is to cool off.

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Linda Cacciatore Bolton:  I'll gladly take Ireland's wet, green summer thank you very much! Easy choice, since I just experienced the heat wave first hand, and I haven't had the pleasure of visiting Ireland! At least it's green! Rainy days are perfect for curling up with a good book and a pot of tea.

Nancy Kelly Lucas:  Ireland's wet summer anytime. I live in Phoenix, AZ and a typical summer temp is 110 and above with very little rain in the summer.

Katherine Stephens: I'll take Ireland's wet summer, and I am wishing it were cooler and wetter here!

Fionnuisce Saoirse: Ireland's Wet Summer all the way. Unless you've experienced heat and humidity and enjoy it, you know what I mean. A wee bit of Irish mist never hurt a soul.

Kate Eileen Shannon: Ireland's wet summer any day!!! I MISS MISS MISS it and I hate this heat and I really hate A/C. Besides, the rain was so good for my skin!

Debra Press-Costello:  Ireland's wet summer hands down! As a lifelong resident of Southern New Jersey I've lived with heat and humidity that would cripple a New Orleans native, getting cool is not as easy as it may seem, and the wet summer in Ireland helps things to GROW!

Angela Joanne Luckey:  In Ireland it is called a "soft day" and besides I would love to be in Ireland. Heat and humidity is considered HELL so no choice IF you ask me.

Cindy Marie: Ireland's wet summer rain any day!:). Its one of the most beautiful places on this earth and would spend my summer there for sure! What a wonderful place.

Patty Robertson: Ireland’s wet summer, because rain is romantic and what better place to be romantic than the home of my ancestors!!!

Katherine Hachey:  I'd take the rain ....you can always put on rain gear or a warm sweater if needed....but you can only take off so many items in the heat and you would still be hot even if you took them all off

Pat Donohue: Ireland’s wet summer is better than a heat wave

Kathleen Clarke Berrios: Ireland's wet summer. It smells so beautiful!

Last month Shannon Airport reported its wettest June since 1998, according to Met Eireann.

“Unsettled weather in June led to almost all stations recording above average rainfall amounts for the time of year,” they noted in their monthly report.

One of my favorite things about living in the U.S. is how pronounced the seasons are. Snow in the depths of winter and extreme heat during summer months. I can make the necessary provisions. But in Ireland, the rain is never far away.

Extreme weather conditions in any location do present serious difficulties. But I’d much rather contend with soaring temperatures than face a rainy summer at home.

What do you think?