A new opinion poll shows that over half of the population in Northern Ireland would opt for Irish unity when Britain leaves the EU.

According to Deltapoll research, some 52% of people in Northern Ireland supported a united Ireland amid confusion surrounding Brexit negotiations.

The poll also showed that 39% would want Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK, no matter what the outcome is.

Deltapoll’s online survey revealed that support for Irish reunification increases to 56% in the event of a hard border post-Brexit.

If Brexit goes ahead:

Scotland would vote for independence (47% vs 43%)
Nothern Ireland would vote to unite with the Republic (52% vs 39%)

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Scottish voters were similarly divided on the matter: with 47% supporting independence if Brexit passes, and 43% opting to remain part of Britain.

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The research, which sampled 1,199 residents of Northern Ireland, was carried out on behalf of anti-Brexit campaign groups Our Future Our Choice and Best for Britain. According to the BBC, those sampled all fit into the "younger people" category. 

A representative sample of 1,199 people from Northern Ireland were interviewed for the poll, which was carried out between 27 August and 30 August.

'The alternative to a bad deal is not no deal, it’s a #PeoplesVote'

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Britain's The Independent newspaper is also running a campaign called Final Say, which demands that voters should be given a second referendum on Prime Minister Theresa May's exit terms before the UK officially leaves the EU as proposed in March 2019.

Alarmingly, two-thirds of the British public - including a majority of Leave voters - think the outcome of Brexit negotiations will be bad for Britain. Sky News reports that 78% of people think that the government is doing a "bad job" negotiating Brexit.

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