Yet another storm could strike Ireland over the weekend!

Weather reports are split as to whether or not Storm Callum will hit Ireland this weekend, rounding out a week of extreme Irish weather following Storm Ali and Storm Bronagh.

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The latest report on Friday from Carlow Weather on Twitter predicts a mostly dry yet cold Sunday to finish off a week of miserable Irish weather.

More good weather news! The rain tomorrow looks to stay mainly south and Sunday now looks mainly dry and not too windy. With high pressure bringing some good weather next week it could be a while before we see #StormCallum

— Carlow Weather (@CarlowWeather) September 21, 2018

Earlier on Friday, Midland Weather Channel in Ireland tweeted that the upcoming situation is still “unclear.”


GFS weather models continue to indicate that damaging winds are unlikely across Ireland this weekend from what could become #StormCallum, however the situation remains rather uncertain given the potential for rapid cyclogenesis. Further updates required.

— MWC Weather (@ChannelMidland) September 21, 2018

Met Éireann confirmed with that the low-pressure system will bring some rain and wind, but not enough to warrant naming the storm and that mainland Europe may well get the worst of it over the next few days.

Met Éireann meteorologist Liz Gavin told The Irish Times that “blustery winds” are in the forecast for the weekend, but at the moment the weather system is not on track to be classified as a storm.

“We’re still monitoring it, and keeping track of the weather system. At the moment it doesn’t look like developing into a storm ... There will be heavy rains in parts of Leinster and Munster on Saturday, and overnight rains,” she said.

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Whether or not Storm Callum fully materializes, Ireland is due to receive more miserable weather on Sunday with rain, wind, and plummeting temperatures.

Next week, however, Irish weather is set to become more moderate with partly cloudy weather and slightly warmer temperatures.

Earlier this week, Storm Ali and Storm Bronagh rolled through Ireland causing major disruptions around the country. Storm Ali had two tragic fatalities, one in Galway and one in Armagh.

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