Some say Storm Ali was worse than 2017’s Storm Ophelia

Storm Ali tore through Ireland on Wednesday and plenty of people flocked to Twitter to share their firsthand accounts.

The storm tragically turned fatal in both Galway and Down, and scores of people across the country went without electricity. School closures, major road disruptions, and flight cancellations abound during the period of extreme weather.

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In the lead up to Storm Ali, it was forecast to be not as bad as 2017’s Storm Ophelia, but many people around the country felt Storm Ali was indeed more intense than Storm Ophelia.

Enda Conway humorously tweeted he believed that there was a “conspiracy” behind the lack of hype prior to Storm Ali:

Conspiracy theory - This storm is worse than Ophelia, but the government refuse to call red weather warning due to the #Ploughing and the loss of revenue for the country is it was cancelled. Stay woke sheeple. #StormAli

— Enda Conway (@EndaConway) September 19, 2018

Indeed, the second day of the National Ploughing Championships in Ireland was called off due to intense winds through the Midlands. This was the first weather-related postponement for the festival since a snowstorm in 1965. This year’s festival will reportedly run an extra day to accommodate for Wednesday’s cancellation.

Elsewhere around the country, people flocked to social media to share their first-hand accounts of the storm:

Irish police in Dublin had a bit of fun at the expense of a damaged car:

Storm Alert : ‘Special Branch’ down at Garda HQ this morning,
thankfully no injuries.

Please exercise extreme caution out there today#slowdown#BeSafe

— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) September 19, 2018

TwistedDoodles saw an opportunity in Storm Ali and took it:

#stormAli is on the way so I reworked the Aladdin song.

— TwistedDoodles (@twisteddoodles) September 18, 2018

Daniel Murray chronicled a runaway port-a-potty on a Luas line in Dublin:

storm has blown jax on to luas tracks at CHQ. I'll be using the facilities in Starbucks today I think May be a few mins late boss. #StormAli @JOEdotie @IrishTimes @LovinDublin @Luas

— Daniel Murray (@DanielMurraytwt) September 19, 2018

Ian Marder shared a snap of a wind damage at Maynooth University:

It's been a bit windy overnight in #maynooth... #stormali @MaynoothLaw @MaynoothUni #nootniversity

— Ian Marder (@iancriminology) September 19, 2018

Serena Quinn posted images of damage around Dublin:

#StormAli Griffith Avenue, North Dublin City

— Serena Quinn (@Serena_Quinn) September 19, 2018

Johnny Redmond shared a picture of his bedroom window, that wound up in his front garden!

Well it isn't every day that your bedroom window ends up in your front garden 🙈 #StormAli #Dublin

— Johnny Redmond (@JohnnyRed1004) September 19, 2018

Al Tully posted a picture of yet another downed tree, and said he was without electricity:

Fallen trees and no electricity at home. #Dublin #StormAli

— Al Tully (@lumierephoto) September 19, 2018

This Irishman just wanted to be thorough in his leaf removal!

#StormAli meets man with leaf blower ...

— D U B L I N M A C K E R (@dublinmacker) September 19, 2018

For Storm Ophelia, everyone stocked up on loads of Brennan’s bread, but Ruth McCarthy was more concerned about Tayto and beer on her severely delayed train:

Been on train from Dublin to Belfast since 9.30am. 3 trees l down on line. Now as far as Newry at 4.15pm This is the sea at Mosney earlier. Sand being swept into sea, waves fighting to come in. Will all be fine til train runs out of Tayto and beer #StormAli

— Ruth McCarthy (@RuthEMcCarthy) September 19, 2018

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Karen Spellman shared dramatic photos of a massive tree being uprooted along the Quays in Dublin

Branches are falling off the big tree outside @woolleymills & @TGSDublin on the Quays. Be careful out there! #StormAli #Dublin @DubFireBrigade 🍃🍂🍁💨

— Karen Spellman (@Spellerman) September 19, 2018

TiernO posted a video of a massive tree that had fallen in the storm:

Tree killer! #StormAli #Ireland

— TiernO (@TiernOIE) September 20, 2018

And, of course, a runaway trampoline in Galway:

Anyone in knocknacarra/Rahoon/kingston looking for their trampoline? #StormAli

— David O Sullivan (@DavidOSullivan1) September 19, 2018

Were you affected by Storm Ali in Ireland? Share your story in the comments!