The first-ever Solace House Virtual Walk will be held on June 6 and people from all over the world are welcome to join in.

As COVID-19 continues to take a toll on in-person events in 2020, Solace House responds by hosting its first-ever Virtual Walk. Its mission is to commemorate the original Sunrise Walk date of June 6th, by spreading messages of hope and promoting togetherness during isolating times.

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On June 6th, 2020, participants from all around the world are welcome to virtually join the Solace House Virtual Walk. To commemorate the original date of their Solace Sunrise Walk (now postponed until the fall), Solace House is creating an opportunity for people to feel connected and supported through its Virtual Walk event.

As we anticipate our Solace Sunrise Walk to reconvene in the Fall (date to be announced!), we are excited to host a...

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The Virtual Walk is a free, all-day event where those participating can walk or run at a time that is most convenient to them. Participants are encouraged to check-in on the Walk’s Facebook event page, and send in their messages of hope throughout the day. The Solace House Team will be kicking off live videos at different times during the day for those who want to tune in and have a little company either during their own walk, or while they are at home.

Solace House’s mission is to raise awareness around suicide prevention and to reinforce the message: you are not alone, especially during times like these. The Virtual Walk aims to create an environment where people feel connected with one another again, even though we may all be physically apart.

Solace House kindly asks that anyone participating in the Virtual Walk be respectful of social distancing and to wear a mask if they are walking in a more densely populated area. If you are in a position where you are not able to walk on the day of the event, you can also take time during that day to check in with those you haven't spoken to in a while. Send a few messages, make a couple of calls - reinforce the message: you are not alone.

While Solace House encourages participation at no cost, they would be grateful for donations of any amount. This support will enable them to continue providing their life-saving services to the community. A fundraiser on the Facebook Event page will be launched closer to June 6th. If you would like to make a donation before then, you can do so on their website at

Rebecca Skedd, a native of Co Waterford who is now the CEO of Solace House in New York City, said: “We hope to have our Solace Sunrise Walk in the fall of this year, but for now, we’re excited to be hosting our first ever virtual walk. 

“While it’s so important to stay safe and maintain social distancing, we want to encourage people to get some fresh air, soak up the sun and enjoy a nice walk. We’re hoping to create a sense of solidarity through this event; even though we’re apart, we’re in this together.

“We’re faced with such unprecedented times right now, it’s so important we continue to portray a message of hope, positivity and togetherness. Please tag us in your photos and help us reinforce the message You are not alone.” 

Those interested in participating in the Solace House Virtual Walk, you can visit the Facebook event page. For more information about the Solace House Virtual Walk, you can also contact

About Solace House

Solace House provides free, confidential, therapeutic counseling for anyone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts or suicidal distress, as well as those who engage in self-harm or have been bereaved by suicide. For more information or to make an appointment, call 718-482-0001 or visit

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