The (Irish Technology Leadership Group) ITLG Silicon Valley Comes to Ireland summit is a two day gathering of top executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capital investors operating in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and US East Coast, who will travel to Cork to meet Ireland’s top technology and innovative companies.

It will comprise a series of keynote presentations, panel debates, and company showcases that will provide delegates with an inside look at cutting-edge technology, business, and political trends that are creating new exciting and profitable business opportunities.

Indigenous companies in the fields of mobile technologies, cloud, biotech, and convergent pharma, nanotechnology and renewable energies, among others, will be invited to pitch their business ideas to international investors and entrepreneurs.

This is set to be a major summit of global business leaders, high level executives, entrepreneurs and investors from the US and Ireland, and will take place in Cork in January as part of The Gathering.

It will be one of the first major business events of the year-long tourism initiative, the Gathering Ireland 2013.

The meeting is being organised by the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG) in conjunction with Cork City Council, Cork Chamber, UCC and CIT. Hosted in venues across the city, the event will be led by former Intel Chairman and CEO, Craig Barrett.

For more information, visit The Gathering’s website here.


Tech companies such as those in Silicon Valley's capital city San Jose, California are crying out for highly skilled foreign workers as numbers of H1-B visas available don't fit the demand.AFP/Getty Images