Jamie Eisel, the separated husband of $21 million New York lottery winner Patricia Daley Eisel, is said to be suing his wife for a share of the proceeds and has retained a lawyer, sources tell Irish Central.

Jamie, an ironworker, left his wife and has since taken up with a new girlfriend. He and Patricia have three children together.

The couple never finalized their divorce. He was found to have $9,400 in debts after her win surfaced.

The Long Island waitress, originally from County Offaly, had her big win which worked out to $8 million after taxes in January.

She only played the lottery after being forced to stay in the U.S. when bad weather canceled her flight to Ireland at Christmas time. Lawyers say the fact that he was not divorced  may well make him eligible for a share of her prize.

Patricia’s co-workers at the Saloon Bar in Long Beach believe he shouldn’t get a share. One waitress told The New York Post after her win: “They had a contentious relationship. I bet [Jamie's] sorry now. She looks better than she ever did. She looks like she's glowing."

Daly Eisel said at the time her win was a godsend.

“I have been in America since ’95. I babysat at first and right now I live in Long Beach. I waitress and bar, tend and mind kids.

"It’s a struggle to keep it all together but it’s good – the bar’s good where I work. But this is going to make it a lot better."

She has sworn "to keep life normal, no big purchases." She even said she’d keep working "for a while."