Someone cruelly disregarded this tiny puppy in a plastic bag on the side of the road in Ireland. Against all odds, his story has a happy ending. 

A woman was walking in her neighborhood Navan, County Meath in Ireland when she heard small whining sounds. Upon investigating, she discovered a plastic bag with a tiny puppy dog inside. 

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Immediately concerned for the wee dog's health and welfare, she reached out to local rescue group Coolronan Dog Rescue for help. Ramona Cunningham, one of the owners of the dog rescue recently shared the puppy's story with The Dodo

Bobby, as they named him, was only five weeks old and it was evident he had been abandoned. He had worms and was severely malnourished. Cunningham and her husband, Chris Kelly, resolved to get him the best care so he would have a fighting chance. 

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“He was so weak and emaciated that he couldn't really stand up due to no muscle mass at all on his back legs,” Cunningham told The Dodo. 

Under their care, Bobby made phenomenal progress, gained strength in his legs, and began bounding around like a normal, healthy pup his age. 

As they would with most dogs under their care, they shared Bobby's story on Coolronan Dog Rescue's social media profiles with the intention of finding him the perfect adoptive family. And as you might expect for a puppy so sweet, they received a plethora of responses. 

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But as time went on, Cunningham and Kelly realized they were too attached to Bobby to say goodbye. He recently became the seventh dog to join their family. 

“He's a very funny little pup, cheeky as well but so loyal for a pup so young,” Cunningham said.

“He prefers the human company than the dog company at the moment, although my other dogs adore him.”

She added that Bobby and her husband have become especially close. 

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“My husband Chris fell in love with him, it's very sweet to see the special little bond they have,” Ramona said. “Our six other dogs are all female, so [I] think it was time for Chris to have someone on his side.”

He had a health scare recently with a stomach bug but was in the best of hands to get through it. 

Judging by their most recent post about him, Bobby is doing just great! 

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