Henry has won the hearts of a Northern Irish racing group after being rescued from China

Henry, affectionately dubbed ‘Henry Wee Wheels’, is settling into his new home in Northern Ireland after being rescued from a Chinese slaughterhouse.

Sharon Warnock, from Co Down in Northern Ireland, knew what she had to do after seeing the very good boy online.

"Henry was due to go to the slaughterhouse to be butchered for human consumption when he was attacked and bitten by a bigger dog,” Warnock said to The Belfast Telegraph.

"His spine was broken, severing his spinal cord and paralyzing his back legs.”

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Thankfully, Henry was saved and taken to Harbin SHS, an animal rescue organization in North East China. It was on the Harbin SHS website that Warnock first spotted Henry and instantly fell in love.

She applied to adopt the injured pup and after months of paperwork, brave Henry made the long journey from China to Northern Ireland.

"It took him a little while to settle in," Warnock said. "He was a little unsure but now he's part of the family."

More than just part of the family, Henry has become an unofficial mascot for the motorbike racing community that Warnock and her family are heavily involved in.

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"They're forever taking selfies with him,” said Warnock of the community.

"He loves the motorbikes. He chases them, jumps up at the riders and the racing community have got to know him and they love him.”

While Henry definitely needs more specialized care as compared to other dogs, Warnock says Henry is “the joy of my life.”

"He's very lively. When he's not in his wheelchair, he has drag bags and he goes around the house and he's the happiest wee soul.

"I'm so proud of him and how he's adapted to his new life. He's my special wee man - I'm so lucky to be his new mummy."

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