A tiny sick kitten abandoned outside a local business in Co Cork has made a remarkable recovery thanks to Owen Collins of Cat Haven, a rescue group in Crosshaven, Ireland.

After employees of the business found the kitten with crust all over her eyes, they brought her to Cat Haven. Because she was not moving and ice-cold, they didn’t think she would make it.

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However, when Collins got there, he could see that the four-week-old kitten was still breathing.

“We rushed her straight to our vets, The Animal Care Hospital Douglas."

They warmed her up and cleaned her eyes, which were glued shut from untreated cat flu. One of the kitten’s eyes was so damaged, the vet didn’t think it could be saved, Love Meow reports.

"They told me the next 24 hours were vital but not to expect anything in terms of her surviving. I took her home and set her up in our house so I could watch her 24/7," Collins said.

They named the kitten Spike.

She survived the night, and over the next week Collins took care of the kitten, feeding, caring and cuddling with her.

"She made massive strides and was finally able to keep her good eye open fully," Collins told Love Meow. "We knew after about three weeks of constant care and medication that she was going to survive, but her eyes were our biggest issue."

However, the tough little kitten was a fighter.

"She kept getting better. The second eye was finally open at about nine weeks. Though she was completely blind in that eye, no removal of the eye was needed," Collins said.

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The kitten got stronger and so do her attachment to her rescuer, following Collins everywhere around the house.

"I also grew massively close to her. I think it was meant to be that I went to get her that day."

"Spike comes charging up to me when I get home from work and just sits and purrs for ages," said Collins.

"We sit out on the balcony together, watch soccer on TV and I have even taken her on walks on a leash and harness. She is a special kitten, and we were meant to cross each other's paths."

"She sleeps with us every night on my neck," he added.

"My partner Elaine always says I love Spike more than anything in the world, and she may be right."

"She showed so much fight to survive despite her terrible start to life. She is very much the poster child of Cat Haven and stands for everything we do."

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Spike is now five months old and has grown to be a beautiful kitten.

"She loves cuddles and is an absolute purr monster," Owen said. "It's amazing what the correct care and a bit of TLC can do."