The Friends of the White House Historical Association in Ireland celebrated Presidents' Day on Friday afternoon (Feb 16) on behalf of the White House Historical Association (WHHA), celebrating the life of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. 

Councillor Eddie Hoare, Mayor of Galway, participated in the short ceremony on Friday as wreaths were placed in front of the JFK Memorial. 

The memorial was erected to honor Kennedy's famous visit to Galway on June 29, 1963, when he was granted the freedom of the city in Eyre Square. 

The WHHA lays wreaths at monuments and statues dedicated to US Presidents around the world for Presidents' Day, which takes place on the third Monday in February every year (February 19 this year). 

Stewart McLaurin, President of the Association, said the wreath-laying tradition was of huge symbolic importance. 

"The significance of the wreath laying extends beyond the American holiday, Presidents’ Day," McLaurin said in a statement. 

"It’s a testament to the deep personal and cultural ties U.S. presidents have
to nations overseas." 

The WHHA launched the initiative in 2022 by laying a wreath at the Abraham Lincoln statue in Edinburgh Scotland. The Association has since expanded the tradition to several other countries, including Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Kosovo, Ireland, and others. 

Darragh Bohan, co-chair of the Friends of Ireland White House Historical Association in Ireland, said it was an "honor" to partner with the WHHA to commemorate Presidents' Day. 

"We are filled with a profound sense of appreciation and reverence for the enduring bond between our great nations, the U.S. and Ireland. It is a bond that has been forged through shared values, deep cultural ties, and a mutual commitment to cooperation and friendship," Bohan said, adding that the wreath-laying ceremony honors the legacy of JFK.