President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins has called for solidarity in the face of coronavirus during his annual St. Patrick's Day address

President Higgins called for the Irish people to "show the best of their Irishness" and look out for the most vulnerable members of society during his St. Patrick's Day address which was shared on YouTube and other social media platforms.

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In his speech, President Higgins said: "The 17th of March is a day when we recall the life of St. Patrick, his transformative spirit, and the enormous legacy he has left behind as exile, migrant and apostle.

"Today, as the world faces the global spread of the coronavirus we are called more than ever to follow the values embodied in the story of St. Patrick. Those values of solidarity and concern for the well-being of our fellow citizens will play a fundamental role in our effective confronting of the challenge with which we are now presented."

The President said that communities throughout the country had to work together and recognize the needs of all of their members, especially those who are most vulnerable. 

Higgins noted that he has been regularly "inspired and uplifted" by the generous community spirit that he's seen across Ireland since he assumed the role of President. 

"I have seen so many examples of care and compassion, where communities have come together to look after their elderly and sick and to ensure the welfare of those who are vulnerable and marginalized," Higgins said. 

"I have no doubt that that spirit will come very much to the fore during this difficult time, which will require generous and compassionate citizenship as we work to keep all members of our community safe." 

He said that St. Patrick's Day was a celebration that stretched far beyond Irish shores and was a reminder of the strong bond that Ireland shared with the global community and said that Ireland needed to join with citizens across the world in fighting Coronavirus. 

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