Senator Mitchell and Congressman Neal discuss Brexit, Northern Ireland and US involvement.

As part of a major conference on Brexit hosted by IrishCentral in New York on Friday, March 15, you can watch below as Senator George Mitchell and Congressman Richard Neal make their address on Brexit and Irish American involvement in breaking down the crisis. 

The conference explored what Brexit currently means to Ireland, north and south and Britain, as well as the American perspective. How will Brexit and the backstop impact the future of Northern Ireland? Could “The Troubles” return? Are British and Irish relations at their lowest ebb? What can America do to impact Brexit?

Watch full highlights from the conference here. 

The event moderator was Kieran McLoughlin, ex CEO of the American Ireland Fund, who noted that Brexit had re-engaged Irish America in a way not seen since the Peace Process.

"There is considerable concern that we are seeing a longterm crisis take shape after so many years of improved relations," he said.

Among the speakers were Irish Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan; House Ways and Means Chairman, Congressman Richie Neal; Senator and former US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland during the peace process, George Mitchell; British Consul General Anthony Philipson, who is also Director of International Trade in the US; Irish Consul General Ciaran Madden; Martin Shanahan CEO IDA Ireland, and Ed Luce, Washington columnist for The Financial Times.

Speeches from Mitchell and Neal can be watched here:

Senator George Mitchell Brexit speech

We are live with George Mitchell, former US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, who was instrumental to the creation of the Good Friday Agreement. He will speak on Brexit and Northern Ireland.

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Congressman Richard Neal Brexit speech -

We're live with Congressman Richie Neal, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which will oversee U.S.-U.K. trade deals after Brexit.

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Senator George Mitchell. White House/Public Domain