Several TDs occupied a Dublin KBC Bank branch on Wednesday

Several TDs occupied a KBC bank in Dublin on Wednesday in order to protest the eviction of three elderly siblings in Co Roscommon last week.

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The Irish Examiner reports that TD Mattie McGrath joined TDs Michael Collins and Carol Nolan at the KBC Bank branch on Lower Baggot Street in Dublin.

KBC Bank has come under fire after they moved to evict three elderly siblings from their longtime Strokestown, Co Roscommon home last week. The eviction, which used a private security force, turned violent, injuring two of the people who were at the house at the time.

Days later, local residents staged an early morning raid on the house to chase out the security crew who had been guarding the house. Eight people were injured, a dog was killed, and several cars were set alight in the process.

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This week, two of the three McGann siblings moved back into their home, hoping to stay there for the foreseeable future.

At the bank on Wednesday, TD McGrath said: "We are demanding an urgent meeting with the managing director of KBC over the continued use of violent and threatening behavior by those carrying out evictions on their behalf.”

TD McGrath said: "We stood here a number of months ago after a similar incident where violence was used against a family but unfortunately these actions have continued."

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"KBC and other banks must be held accountable for the use of violent behavior against homeowners and this behavior must not be allowed to continue."

TD McGrath posted about the KBC Bank occupation on Facebook:

Currently attending a protest at KBC Bank on Baggot Street in Dublin with my colleagues Deputies Michael Collins and...

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The Irish Independent shared a video of the occupation: