An eve of polling party wishing Hillary Clinton the “Luck of the Irish” will be attended by hundreds of Clinton fans Monday night at the Wheeltapper Pub in the FitzPatrick Grand Central hotel at 44th between Lexington and 3rd Ave starting at 6-30pm. All Hillary backers are invited to come and celebrate a great New York campaign.

The party to “wish the luck of the Irish “on Hillary has been organized by Irish Americans for Hillary.

Host John FitzPatrick said the idea came as Bill Clinton attended two Irish events in the last few weeks and got an incredible reception.

“We know it will be a close race against Sanders, no matter what the polls say, and we just wanted to get our crowd out one more time and make sure they were ready to vote

“There is a lot at stake for Ireland in this election. Clinton is the only candidate who has reached out, we have not heard from Bernie Sanders who appears not to care.”

“The issues of our undocumented, of future visas for Irish coming to America, support for Ireland’s position on Britain staying in the European Union, making sure the work of the peace process is continued from America, among other things are all vital.”

The Irish in New York State represent 16 percent of the population, according to the US census, but it does not break down the numbers into Republican and Democrats.

The NY Times revealed last week that many conservative Irish are voting for Trump and are among his biggest backers.

“We have to make clear there is huge Irish constituency for Hillary,” said FitzPatrick.” We are asking everyone to show and hoping for some great VIPS and a great night.”