The only grandson of President John F. Kennedy has taken a shot at President Trump and his administration in a short essay on the reasons why he loves America. As well as listing more light-hearted aspects of US culture that he loves, 24-year-old Jack Schlossberg states that one of the things he loves most about America is having the freedom to express his dismay about the path the current government is leading the country down.

“I love that I am free to say that I don’t love the new trajectory of American leadership,” states Schlossberg, who will enter Harvard Law School this fall after he spends the summer working on a charter fishing boat in Massachusetts.

“I am horrified by our government’s proposed immigration ban, I’m embarrassed that the United States pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and I’m frustrated that our government is attempting to take away healthcare for millions.”

He showed pride, however, in the movements that are working against these decisions, declaring, “I love how many Americans are speaking out against these developments that are antithetical to the values that have made America the greatest nation on earth.”

The son of Caroline Kennedy – the only living child of JFK and Jackie Kennedy Onassis – may also hint at his own future political ambitions in the closing line of the essay stating, “I’m going to spend my life making sure that it always does.”

Schlossberg has previously declined to openly state whether he would have any interest in following in the previous Kennedy generations’ footsteps and enter politics when he finishes school.

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Last month he was interviewed alongside his mother Caroline on NBC’s "Today Show." The Yale grad was asked whether he’d ever consider going into the family business of politics.

“I’m inspired by my family’s legacy of public service. It’s something I’m very proud of.

“Stay tuned. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Rumors have also surrounded his mother, who served as US Ambassador to Japan until January 2017, and whether she has her sights set on a New York Senate seat.

It wasn’t all politics for the young Kennedy in his essay, however, as there are plenty of things about his country he loves that have nothing to do with his possible designs on the White House.

“I also love the NBA Finals, The Rock and the Yankees. I love making jokes on the internet. I love protein powder. I don’t love green juice but sometimes I drink it,” he joked.  

H/T: People Magazine