Irish Americans are a savvy lot and they know a busted flush and a trump card when they see one.

Weary Hillary has started going through the motions for the White House. She disappeared in August, apart from several behind-closed-doors massive fundraisers. It was plain even before that she was dragging butt. Her pneumonia added to that. What’s next for this tired old woman? Mumps?

Sure, she's sixty eight and younger than Trump, but she has more mileage than a Ford Model T still driving the highways 100 years after rolling off the assembly line. First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, twice presidential candidate – how many ring-a-rosies can she keep going round?

Trump, on the other hand, has the stamina of a much younger man. Unlike Hillary he seems to have buns of steel when it comes to schedule and travel. He’s like an older stallion with not too many mating seasons behind him.

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Since they changed his management team and got rid of the small time operators trying to run a big time race, his campaign has remarkably improved.

Kellyanne FitzPatrick Conway and Steve Bannon have brought an Irish discipline and iron will forcing him onto the teleprompter and developing his ground game with much better policy positions.

They put the Trump family, none of whom have ever worked outside working for Daddy, in their place after the disastrous GOP convention which almost sank the ship.

Now they are catching up on tired Hillary because that is what she is: not crooked or ill, but someone who has hogged the limelight for a quarter century in American politics. Even FDR wasn't in the spotlight that long.

Sure, Trump has flaws and gaps in his experience. But let's be honest, he’s a fresh voice, a breath of fresh air, however you calculate it, who will shake up not just the Democrats but the GOP too.

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It has been remarkable how many old chestnuts have been cracked open this election season by Trump. Religious right brigades fall in line behind the three-time married man whose views on abortion, until relatively recently, were antithetical to theirs.

Likewise, huge entitlement programs like paid maternity leave are hardly raising a murmur from the party which was once consumed with catapulting America back to pre-government days.

And what has Hillary contributed? Can you name one policy? A bunch of old bromides, socialist claptrap from the ages that every Democratic politician since Lyndon Johnson has spouted.

The end result may be Trump winning and the GOP retaining the Senate, in which case they will have all branches of government securely in their grasp: Supreme Court, Presidency, Senate and House.

Damon Runyon once told the story of his famous sidekick Harry the Horse who was prosecuted for selling dirty books. His defense was he never knew they were dirty because he never read them.

Likewise, Americans can say they know Hillary inside out like a book from cover to cover and it doesn't make good reading. They haven't read the Trump book yet but it is bound to be a better read than the tired old chapters that Hillary represents. Take a chance America, vote Trump.