A $250,000 fundraiser for Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine will take place in New York on October 25.

The fundraiser is being run by Irish Americans for Clinton which, who to date have raised well in excess of $2 million for the Democratic ticket.

Kaine, an Irish American with roots in Longford and Kilkenny, is nonetheless something of an unknown figure in Irish America compared to the Clintons whose role in the Irish peace process has won them major support within that community.

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Confirming the fundraiser, hotelier John FitzPatrick, who has very close ties to the Clintons, stated that it would be the final opportunity for the Irish to make their mark on the 2016 election.

“We believe a Democratic administration is vital for Ireland and Irish America,” stated FitzPatrick. “On issues like Brexit and the peace process, foreign investment in Ireland, immigration reform it is crystal clear that the Democratic Party is far more helpful to Ireland than Republicans with their hatred of immigrants.”

Tim Kaine, US senator, former governor of Virginia and now VP candidate, is the son of Mary Kathleen (Burns) and Albert Alexander Kaine, Jr. His father was of Scottish and Irish descent. His mother is of Irish ancestry. He traces his roots to Longford and Kilkenny.

Tim’s paternal grandfather was Albert Alexander Kaine (the son of Alexander “Alex” Kaine and Isabella Potts). Albert was born in Kansas, to Scottish parents. Tim’s great-grandfather Alexander was born in Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland, to Peter Kaine, who was evidently born in Ireland, and Jane/Jean King.

Tim’s paternal grandmother was Annabella/Annabelle Farrell (the daughter of Patrick J. Farrell from Killashee, Co Longford and Mary Catherine Fleming, whose roots were in County Kilkenny). Annabella was born in Kansas. Patrick was Irish and was a hugely respected local farmer and parish leader. Mary Catherine was born in Canada, to an Irish father.

Tim’s maternal grandfather was Leo M. Burns (the son of Michael F. Burns and Bridget “Bridgie”). Michael was born in Illinois, to Irish parents. Bridget was born in Missouri, also to Irish parents.

Kaine will he hoping to capitalize on his Irish links if elected Vice President and the fundraiser marks his first effort to forge close links, though he was also honored by the American Ireland Fund last March before he was named VP candidate.

Here’s his speech from the event: