According to a poll conducted by IrishCentral, 57.1% of Irish America will be voting for a Democrat to take a seat in the House of Representatives. 

The first polling stations in the 2018 midterm elections will close today at 6 pm and as results begin to flood in, Irish America believes that a blue wave is about to flip the House of Representatives into Democratic control. 

Throughout election day on November 6, IrishCentral conducted a poll of readers here asking "Will you vote for a Democrat or a Republican to represent your district in the House of Representatives?"

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When the poll closed at 5 pm, 57.1% of Irish Americans said they were voting for a Democrat while 39.2% were to vote for a Republican. Just 1.7% said they were voting for a third party while 2% responded: "I'm not voting."

In total, 301 people cast a vote. 

Many Irish names could be found on ballot papers across the country in these 2018 midterms. We'll be keeping track of the main races involving Irish American politicians and updating the results as they come in HERE. 

What do you make of the results of our poll? Let us know in the comments section, below. 

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