Irish American Stephen Colbert makes reference to President Trump’s views on immigrants, citizenship and the Central American caravan in his pre-Midterm Elections opening monologue.

It’s no surprise that Stephen Colbert took a swing at President Donald Trump’s campaigning ahead of the Midterm Elections but his comments about the 1800s Irish immigrants to the United States came as a little bit of a surprise to this IrishCentral crew.

Colbert, the host of the CBS “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, who is himself 94% Irish, was speaking about President Trump’s appearance while rallying in Cleveland and speaking about the Democratic candidate for governor. Trump’s clip ended with him, once again, commented on Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s lack of “Indian blood”.

He shouted, “She has no Indian blood!”

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To which, Colbert retorted “Is the election of 2018 or 1818? She has no Indian blood. A caravan of freedmen is venturing north to take your whale oil rendering jobs to say nothing of the scourge of the Irish!... We’ve got to do something about those Irish, gotta do something about those Irish! Those Papists coming to our shores!”

His comments were clearly making reference to Trump’s reaction to the caravan of thousands of refugees walking north through Central America to seek asylum in the United States. Despite the fact that they will not arrive at the US border for, possibly weeks, Trump has already sent the US army to great them.

You can tune it at 4.47 to hear this particular bit. Here’s the monologue in full:

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