Prime Minister Boris Johnson was confronted by an Irish man in Leeds

A man who is understood to be Irish was filmed berating Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his management of Brexit in Leeds on Friday.

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The video, which is quickly becoming viral, was captured and shared by BBC News on Friday, September 6.

In it, the unnamed man, who has a Dublin accent, accuses Prime Minister Boris Johnson of “playing games” as Brexit draws closer with no deal in place.

"You should be in Brussels negotiating, where is the negotiation going on?" asks the Irish man. "Where is it? You are in Morley, in Leeds. You should be in Brussels, leading the British people to negotiating against leaving the European Union. You are playing games!"

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The Irish man goes on to add: "He's been speaking for the last six weeks since he's been elected and he's said nothing, you have said nothing for the last six weeks! You've gone into Parliament and you played games!"

"We are on the verge of getting a deal," Johnson says.

A reporter later asks Johnson how he will bring the country together.

"The only way to do that is to get Brexit done on October the 31st and take the country forward and that's what I think the people want to see."

As Johnson was speaking with the reporter, a separate bystander clearly holds up a bag that read "Nuttier than a Fruitcake."

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You can watch the entire exchange from BBC here:

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