Beto O'Rourke live-streamed himself talking with his dental hygienist about border and immigration issues

Beto O’Rourke is taking to social media to give a voice to the citizens of border towns in his home state of Texas.

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O’Rourke, who ran an unsuccessful 2018 campaign to unseat longtime Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, is among one of the most talked about potential Democratic candidates for the 2020 US presidential race.

On Thursday, O’Rourke got up close and personal with one Texas citizen who is personally affected by border and immigration issues, his dental hygienist Diana.


(Video courtesy of The Washington Post)

In a video which O'Rourke shared live on his Instagram, Diana said, “I was actually born in El Paso [Texas]. My mom is from a small town in Mexico. … My dad is a U.S. citizen."

Asked by O'Rourke about life on the border, Diana said, "It's a beautiful community. We all support each other. We love each other. And it's not what everybody else thinks, sadly, about us. It's actually a wonderful place to live and grow up."

Diana went on to talk about how the community in Texas helped her mother study and prepare for her US citizenship exam.

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O’Rourke’s chats about the border and immigration come as the US government is still in shutdown phase. President Trump seems unwilling to re-open the government without a guarantee for border wall funding, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is equally as unwilling to grant such funding.

On Tuesday, O’Rourke took to Facebook Live share nearly two hours worth of discussion about immigration and border issues from the Sunset Heights neighborhood in Texas. The video was captioned “Love from the border.”

 His Facebook Live address was delivered the same evening that several US broadcast networks broke to air a speech from President Trump.

On his website,, O'Rourke has outlined his immigration policy:

  • End the militarization of our immigration enforcement system, and close private immigration prisons and detention centers that profit from locking up families.
  • Pass the DREAM Act and ensure that undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children, known as ‘Dreamers’, find a permanent home and citizenship in the U.S.
  • Ensure that those who come to our borders seeking refuge from violence and persecution are given a fair opportunity to present their claims and guaranteed due process under our laws.
  • Improve the immigration system to encourage and facilitate family reunification, education, and the investment of talent in our country.
  • Modernize the visa system to allow U.S. employers to find workers for jobs that American workers can’t fill.
  • Reform our immigration laws to legalize the status of millions of immigrants already in our country and ensure a fair path to citizenship for those inspired by the opportunity and ideals that we present to the rest of the world.

O'Rourke has still not publicly confirmed nor denied whether or not he'll mount a presidential race for 2020. Sources say he is unlikely to make an announcement prior to February.

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