New Jersey governor Chris Christie has fallen under some criticism after vetoing a bill to legalize gay marriage in his state. CNN host Piers Morgan interviewed the New Jersey governor about his views on the hot topic issue.

In the interview, Christie points to the fact that during his campaign in 2009, he was very open about his belief that marriage should be between a man and woman only. He insists that he vetoed the proposed bill to remain in alignment with his professed views during his campaign.

He does, however, not shy away from the unmistakable fact that gay marriage is both a sensitive and divisive issue. It is with this in mind that Christie seems open to putting the choice to a referendum vote to the citizens of New Jersey.

Christie said he’s willing to “take that risk” of falling into the unpopular opinion with a referendum vote, and that he trusts the people of New Jersey.

“I won’t compromise my principles for politics,” said Christie when interviewer Morgan began to discuss the trend of states moving toward legalization of gay marriage.

Christie later admits that he has received some “flack” from gay friends about his stance on the issue, but denies ever being labeled as a bigot by any of them.

Watch the CNN video below:

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