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From the right: Irish Civil War? O'Reilly has turned on Obama
In a blistering attack on the massive failure that the Obama administration has inflicted on our economy, Bill O'Reilly has taken the gloves off. He is pounding away on Obama in his own inimitable Irish pugilistic style...READ MORE

Virginia Tech College issue lock down after suspected gun man seen on campus
Authorities at Virginia Tech College issued a lock down notice this morning after a suspect was seen carrying a weapon on campus...READ MORE

Amy Andrews: Robert Pattinson’s favorite food
The “Breaking Dawn” star breaks down his favorite food groups. When it comes to satisfying a food craving, Robert Pattinson is just like the rest of us...READ MORE

From the Bleachers: Pay that man his money! A-Rod
You know, one thing you can certainly not accuse good old A-Rod of is being boring. He is approaching that hallowed celebrity ground where literally any story you hear about him could be possible. ‘’A-Rod had a sex change? I guess that could happen!’’..READ MORE

Touring Ireland? Relax and indulge in an Irish B&B this summer
Taking a trip to Ireland this summer? Why not stay in a bed and breakfast (B&B), which offers tourists the true experience of an Irish home with superior accommodation and most of all, great value for money...READ MORE

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