Co-Founders Martina Curtin, Aoife Griffin, and Megan Greeley are launching Mná Mheiriceá on March 9, 2023, to connect women of all backgrounds and celebrate all that it is to be a woman.

Mná Mheiriceá, which translates to "American Women",  is the newest women’s network in the Boston area. Mná Mheiriceá will host a series of events and facilitate professional and personal mentoring for women of all backgrounds in Boston, drawing inspiration from the history of Irish women immigrants who came to the United States in search of independence and opportunity.

In a statement released in Feb, the group said "The mission of Mná Mheiriceá is to create an intentional continuation of the legacy Irish women have built in America since their first arrival as an enterprising, independent, future-oriented community. It will be a convener and resource for the new graduate, the mother, and the executive who understand that it is not just raising a child that takes a village, but "raising ourselves" as well.

"Mná Mheiriceá strives to serve women regardless of background to understand and celebrate all it is to be a woman."

Co-Founders Martina Curtin, Aoife Griffin, and Megan Greeley are no strangers to the Boston Irish community. Curtin, founder and former CEO of CHC Home Care, is a leader in the Irish community in Boston who grew up in County Clare and is the President of the Irish Cultural Center of New England. Griffin, who also works with the Irish Cultural Center, is a session musician and on the Board of Directors at the Irish Network Boston who moved to Boston from County Roscommon. Greeley is the youngest daughter of a proud Boston Irish-American family led by her father Steve who recently retired from his role as Executive Director of the Ireland Funds. Niamh Perrault Shuman of Invest Northern Ireland will also serve on the Board of Directors.

Mná Mheiriceá will celebrate their launch with a reception on March 9, appropriately between International Women’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day. The launch event will be sponsored by Invest Northern Ireland, the first official partner of Mná Mheiriceá.