Michael Flatley, surrounded by his family, friends, dignitaries, and industry guests, expressed his gratitude and raised a glass of his new Flatley Irish Whiskey "The Dreamer" to "Ireland and the Irish people."

At a star-studded celebration in Dublin's Mansion House on Monday evening, May 14, Flatley and Flatley Whiskey's CEO Jim Clerkin launched "The Dreamer," a five-year-old Irish whiskey dedicated to the Irish dance legend's father, who emigrated to the US in 1947.

Among the crowds were former Taoiseach (Parliamentary leader) Leo Varadkar, Vincent Guerend Ambassador of France, and British Ambassador to Ireland Paul Johnston. Musician Matt Molloy, actor and comedian Pat Shortt and Formula 1 heroes David Coulthard and Martin Bundle were also in attendance.

Flatley's new Irish whiskey is the first in a series of special blends and will be launched in the United States in August 2024. The whiskey was crafted in partnership with Ireland’s esteemed Master Blender Noel Sweeney and distilled at the Great Northern Distillery, in Co Louth. “The Dreamer” celebrates the bold aspirations of Michael’s early life – a theme that resonates deeply with anyone who harbors a spirit of ambition.

Flatley Whiskey.

Flatley Whiskey.

This ambition and desire was well reflected in Flatley Whiskey CEO Jim Clerkin's opening remarks. He explained that since 1976 when he worked with Guinness he'd always dreamed of getting into Irish whiskey and now his own dreams had become a reality. 

He explained that five years ago Flatley had called and asked for help in creating "a great Irish whiskey" to bring to the Irish and soon US market "The Dreamer."

Before dazzling the crowds with his flute playing, Flatley took to the stage to express his gratitude. 

"My job here tonight is to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To all of you," he told the crowd. 

He went on to single out his team, his wife and son, his siblings who had flown in from Chicago and New York, Jim Clerkin, and many others. 

He concluded by raising a glass and saying, "I would like if I may just to raise a toast to Ireland and the Irish people."