Irish dancing icon Michael Flatley hopes to capture "the essence of Irish tradition" through his newly launched Irish whiskey named 'The Dreamer.'

Flatley's whiskey, named The Dreamer in honor of his late father, represents an attempt to tap into the booming Irish whiskey market, with Irish whiskey ranked as the fastest-growing drink in the global spirits market. 

Flatley, an avid whiskey fan who even has a special whiskey room at his mansion at Castlehyde House in Co Cork, posted teasers of the new whiskey on social media throughout the week but displayed a bottle of the new whiskey during an appearance on RTE's "Late Late Show" in Ireland on Friday night. 

Speaking before his "Late Late Show" appearance, Flatley said it was a proud moment to launch his own Irish whiskey brand. 

"For me, Irish whiskey, much like Irish dance, embodies the essence of Ireland – its history, its spirit, and its ability to bring people together in celebration," Flatley said in a statement. 

"Irish whiskey was a favorite of my father’s. It was through his passion that I came to appreciate its complex flavors. So, it is a very proud moment to launch Flatley Irish Whiskey, as I know he will be smiling down on me.

"With The Dreamer, we are distilling the essence of Irish tradition, the dreams that fuel us, and the people that inspire us.

"I brought in the very best team for Flatley Irish Whiskey, led by chief executive Jim Clerkin, renowned in the international drinks industry, master blender, Noel Sweeney and Pierrick Bouquet, who is the genius behind some of the most successful wine and spirits brands internationally." 

Flatley Whiskey.

Flatley Whiskey.

Flatley said his whiskey is an "exquisite blend" and is a tribute to the "undaunted dreamers who shape the world."

The whiskey is distilled at the Great Northern Distillery in Co Louth and will be aimed at the premium market segment, retailing at €45. 

The five-year triple-cask blend is aged in bourbon, port, and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks and is available in Ireland now. 

Details of a US launch have yet to be announced, but Flatley had the label authorized by the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in March.