The luck of the Irish nearly tripped up the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton yesterday, as one of her high heels got stuck in a grate and almost caused her to fall during a St. Patrick’s ceremony with the Irish Guards regiment in Hampshire, outside of London.

The five-months pregnant duchess and her husband Prince William were on hand to present shamrock to members of the regiment, which William serves as colonel.

Kate leaned on William for support as she removed her shoe from the opening, then proceeded to present shamrock sprigs to members of the regiment, who reported that the future queen was in good form.

Her baby bump slightly protruding from her green coat, which she wore to the same ceremony last year, Kate happily chatted to members of the regiment, and revealed to one that she hopes her unborn child is a boy.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Lee Wheeler said he asked her if she knew the sex of her child. “She said, ‘Not yet,’” Wheeler said.

“'She said, 'I'd like to have a boy and William would like a girl.’ That’s always the way. I asked her if she had any names and she said no.”

Another officer, Jason Perry, said Kate told him she was feeling fine. “I asked if she was excited to have her first child and she said, ‘Very,’” Perry added.

Prince William was presented with a sprig of shamrock by his wife, who also gave the green to an Irish wolfhound named Domhnall, the regiment’s mascot.  After the ceremony Prince William enjoyed a glass of sherry with members of the Guards.

A senior member of the British royal family has been handing out shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day to members of the Irish Guards since Queen Alexandra started the tradition back in 1901.

Here's footage of the ceremony:

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William present shamrocks to the Irish Guards on St. Patrick's DayAP