Jim Hutton, the Irish partner of the late pop idol Freddie Mercury, died on New Year’s Day and was laid to rest Monday in his hometown of Carlow, Ireland. 

Hutton, a handsome and charismatic Irishman who also worked as a hairdresser for the Queen singer, died on January 1 after a long battle with cancer, just three days short of his 61st birthday. 

Hutton lived with Mercury for the last six years of the pop singer’s life, and he was present at his bedside when the adored singer passed away at his Kensington home in London on November 24, 1991. 

Mercury died from broncho-pneumonia brought on by AIDS after publicly acknowledging he had the disease just a day before his death. Mercury left his partner £500,000 as well as a plot of land at Rutland Terrace, Carlow where Hutton built a house. 

The bulk of the rock singer's vast estate went to Mary Austin, his former girlfriend of six years. Hutton himself tested positive for AIDS in 1990 but he didn’t tell Mercury for nearly a year afterwards. 

In the years after Mercury’s death, Hutton moved back to Ireland and is survived by his brothers, sisters, aunts and other relatives.