According to key political analyst Mike Allen of, Irish American Joe Biden is the Democrat Donald Trump most fears running against. Who do you think would win in a standoff between the pair?


Is Joe Biden the only Democratic candidate who can win back the Obama voters who went on to vote for Trump? It's rumored that Trump himself fears that could be true, thanks to Biden's street cred with white working-class voters and the fact that he was born in Pennsylvania, a must-win state for Trump. 

"There's a reason Pennsylvania had eluded Republican presidential candidates as long as it did," GOP operative Josh Holmes, president of the Cavalry LLC issue management firm, told Axios. 

"You need a combination of a really effective campaign, a perfect message, and a good environment. Trump had it in 2016 but Biden could well spoil the party in 2020."

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Do you agree? If we were to go to the polling stations in a Biden/Trump head to head tomorrow, who would receive your vote and why? 

Is there a particular issue that is driving your vote? You can also tell us what matters most to you in our poll and be sure to leave any extra thoughts in the comments section, below. 

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