The board of directors of the New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade met last week despite an effort by the lawyer representing former Parade Committee chairman John Dunleavy to prevent it from happening.

Dunleavy’s lawyer Francis X. Young filed a motion at Bronx Supreme Court to nix the meeting, but it was denied by Judge Robert Johnson, the former Bronx district attorney who will eventually rule on the civil case Dunleavy and Young brought against board chairman Dr. John Lahey last year, alleging an illegal takeover of the board.

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Johnson approved the September 7 meeting of board members – which Dunleavy himself attended – and the naming of two new members earlier this year.

The board meeting discussed financial matters associated with the parade, as mandated by an audit commissioned by Lahey after he assumed chairmanship in June of 2015.  Also on the agenda was discussion of a 2017 parade grand marshal.

The board has no further meetings planned at this time.

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