Fancy an old Irish pile sprinkled with some stardust? Then check out Glin Castle in Co. Limerick, up for grabs if you’ve got €6.5 million and lots of extra dosh to spend for the upkeep.

Glin is currently owned by Catherine FitzGerald, who’s married to the British actor Dominic West, best-known for his American roles on HBO’s "The Wire" and, most recently, the highly addictive Showtime drama "The Affair."

The couple, parents of four children, married at Glin in 2010 and spend time there when they can, but not enough to justify keeping it on.

"I work in gardens all over, my husband is away a lot in the U.S., and this isn't something that can be managed remotely,” Catherine, a landscape gardener, told The Irish Times.

West reached out to the University of Limerick earlier this year to consider a partnership for the grand home, but that must not have worked out.

"It is a living piece of Irish history so maybe the university should get involved and make this place a link between art and architecture in Ireland as it's absolutely steeped in culture and heritage," West said.

Catherine inherited the estate from her late father Desmond, who was the 29th and last Knight of Glin in Limerick. He was on record as saying that he wanted the lush nine-bedroom castle on 380 acres to stay in the family.

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