Ireland is in the middle of an intense relationship with a TV show named Love/Hate.   The gangland drama on state broadcast network RTE is a gargantuan hit that everyone over there is talking about, kind of like Breaking Bad over here.

More than one million tuned into the season four finale of Love/Hate on Sunday, which is pretty eye-popping considering the size of Ireland.  Undoubtedly the suits at networks like HBO and Showtime are taking notice of the Love/Hate buzz, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see an American version of the drama on our screens at some point.

The Irish Daily Star reports that RTE is “keen” to sell the Love/Hate concept to a U.S. outlet. 
“From what I gather, a U.S. remake of Love/Hate is very much in the embryonic stages,” a source told the paper.

“But in terms of big-name stars moving into TV, it’s the path for quite a few as it seems the most interesting and well-written scripts are made for the small screen.”

Enter Colin Farrell, who’s said to be a huge fan of Love/Hate.
“Colin was in Ireland last week and is a fan of the show. He’s watched all the DVDs so he’s very aware of it and its success,” the source added.

Could Farrell be interested in playing a part if a U.S. deal for Love/Hate were to be finalized?
“Never say never,” the source added.

UPDATE: Love/Hate seasons one through three are currently available on Netflix Instant Video. Here's the promo for season one: