A big fan of the  "Edward Scissorhands" and "Beetlejuice" director the Dublin star and family man is proud to be promoting this family-friendly beloved tale of inclusion

You may well remember his days as a hell-raising party guy dubbed the Lusty Leprechaun – we sure do – but these days it’s all sweetness and light for Colin Farrell, 42, who’s fronting this weekend’s big movie release, "Dumbo", a live-action take on the beloved Disney elephant helmed by that maestro of fantasy, Tim Burton ("Beetlejuice", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", etc.)

Colin’s been all over the world promoting the heck out of "Dumbo", with stops so far in Tokyo, London, and his Dublin hometown.  He’s got lots to be happy about. "Dumbo’s" got some nice early notices and is projected to take in as much as $58 million at the box office during the three-day weekend.

Colin told the media at last weekend’s Irish premiere that he was thrilled to have the chance to work with Burton.

“I have always loved his films since "Edward Scissorhands" and "Beetlejuice" and so many titles I remember so clearly watching as a teenager and in my twenties and thirties,” Colin said.

“So to work with him on this was gorgeous and the story was beautiful as well, the story of "Dumbo" who is an outsider and who is not accepted because of his differences so it is a story about celebrating differences and inclusion.”

Colin Farrell in "Dumbo".

Colin Farrell in "Dumbo".

Starring in family-friendly fare is also a kick for Colin, who’s got two young boys of his own, James, age 15, and Henry, nine. The Dubliner got very emotional when describing the first time he met James.  The tot was six weeks old, and Colin was unable to be at the Los Angeles birth as he was shooting "Alexander" with Oliver Stone and Angelina Jolie.

As he told Ryan Tubridy on Friday’s Late Late Show, “I was in Morocco doing "Alexander", and the doctor said he could fly at six weeks, so his mother flew over to Marrakesh and I met him on a runway.  I’ll never forget the moment she opened the shawl and I saw him for the first time and it was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced.

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“I always thought that the power I felt when I saw him was love, and of course love was in there, but I realized recently – it hit me like a steam train – I wasn’t in any condition at the time to take care of another human being. I think that’s what some of the tears were as well.”

Colin again spoke about the issues he had with substance abuse, and how it took him two years that his son -- who has Angelman syndrome, a developmental disability – needed a present dad.  “No matter how locked I was, I was aware of the gravity of bringing a child into the world,” he admitted.

Colin’s honesty is so nice to see. And hopefully, "Dumbo" will lead to all kinds of bigger and better things. 

“It is a really nice kickback that my kids can go see it and I will say it is the first time I have done something that is so orientated towards families and children and it is really nice to be a part of,” he said.

“Like the premiere here today, these are usually stuffier affairs so it is lovely to be part of something that is designed for families and kid.”

What do you think? Will you be watching Tim Burton's "Dumbo"? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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