Dublin star cast alongside Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's "Dumbo" for release in March.

One of Disney’s most beloved characters, "Dumbo", is getting a 2019 update.  It’s a live-action elephant we’ll be treated to when Tim Burton’s "Dumbo" debuts on March 29, and Colin Farrell is one of the stars.

He’ll play Holt Farrier, a widowed war vet with one arm who is hired to care for "Dumbo" in the circus.  Lots of life lessons are learned along the way, and Farrell told Entertainment Weekly last year that taking part in the film was a joy.

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“Honestly, I was like a child in a sweet shop, I really was, I was so giddy,” Farrell the mag.

“I had this sustained excitement during the whole thing because the sets we were working on were extraordinary, the story was so sweet, Tim was such a dream, the cast was so lovely. Plus it’s also nice to do something that my children can see.”

Disney just released posters for the highly anticipated film which also stars Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton.

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