Who’s that cuddly looking guy with a beer gut and glasses? None other than Colin Farrell! 

No, the yoga-toned hunk hasn’t overdosed on Easter eggs.  He’s been wearing lots of belly padding to get into character for his latest film, The Lobster, which is currently shooting in Co. Kerry.  

He’s pictured with actress Lea Seydoux on set in the town of Sneem.  Later he’ll be joined by the likes of Oscar winner Rachel Weisz and John C. Reilly who also star in the film about single people who are captured and forced to find love.

“Once they are there they are forced to find a matching mate in 45 days or they will be transformed into an animal and released into the woods,” the Daily Mail says.

Dubliner Colin, now a resident of Los Angeles, is thrilled to be back on home turf.   

“Working in Kerry is amazing. Every morning when I wake up and open the curtains I'm completely taken aback by the view. And the crew are just fantastic,” he told the Irish Independent.

Back home in the U.S., the ever more desperate old bag Joan Rivers re-enacted Colin’s years-ago sex tape during a taping of Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Bravo last week. The plastic surgery victim played Colin alongside comic Tracy Morgan, who acted as Colin’s partner Nicole, and . . . ugh, we’ll just stop there.