Happy belated birthday to Michael Fassbender, who turned the big 4-oh on April 2.

The Kerry-raised actor will be busy for the month of May, promoting his new Alien: Covenant film which opens on May 19.  Speaking to Australia’s Daily Telegraph about reaching his 40th year, Fass said, “I felt a little shaky…No, I felt good, but birthdays always make me feel a little bit weird anyway. Maybe it’s the idea that I’m getting older.”

While he’ll happily do all the promo needed for Alien: Covenant, Fassbender isn’t going to demand that members of the public buy a ticket. 

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“I wouldn’t. I don’t know, I always feel bad telling people that they have to see something. I’m not necessarily crazy about sci-fi, I just like a good movie and [director] Ridley Scott is a great storyteller and he creates complex worlds, and worlds that are rich,” he offers.

Nor should we expect him to reveal too many tidbits about his private life, particularly his Oscar-winning girlfriend Alicia Vikander.

“I don’t want the audience to be distracted by whatever else is seen of me in the real world. I would consider myself a private person. I work in a medium where we rely on the public to go see it. But my own life is for me,” Fass said.

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