Representatives of the 1916 Societies, the fast growing Republican organization which began in the Republican heartlands of Tyrone and is spreading across Ireland, will be in New York to introduce the group’s new political strategy and initiatives like its “One Ireland One Vote” campaign. They will hold a public meeting at Wolfe Tone’s Irish Pub, 37 East 29th Street on ,Saturday, October 3 at 3 p.m. Admission is free.

Kevin Martin of the 1916 Societies said, “We are approaching the centenary of the Easter Rising, and the ideals and spirit of 1916 remind us that the right to national freedom and sovereignty which they proclaimed has not yet come for the people of 6 Irish counties.

“Today those ideals seem to be getting further away then ever. A survey last week published in The Guardian newspaper showed that only one in five people in the North believes there will be a united Ireland within 20 years, and that this number is half what it was in surveys after the Good Friday Agreement. Sadly there are some in the 26 counties who seem to feel that they have little or no obligation towards fellow Irish citizens living under a British administration directed by David Cameron.”

Martin said the 1916 Societies was formed in 2009 in East Tyrone, and is now spreading around the country.

“We are proposing peaceful alternative strategies to revive feelings about a united Ireland and rebuild momentum to that aim. We contend that current British strategy gives Nationalists the trappings of power at Stormont while trapping us with a permanent Unionist veto at Stormont over any real change, much less movement to a united Ireland. We are committed to exclusively peaceful means and advocate a one Ireland, one vote initiative supported by debates, petition and a new referendum.

“The 1916 Societies is an Irish separatist movement. We believe the Irish Republic should be a sovereign, independent state as set out in the 1916 Proclamation and are committed to achieving the reunification of Ireland on that basis.

“The 1916 Societies are campaigning for the only alternative which is a free and open, All-Ireland referendum, to determine future constitutional arrangements for Ireland. We have a vision and a strategy for Irish freedom which is gaining traction against the failed existing establishment.”

For information on the October 3 meeting call 914-652-7317.