An unemployed Irish mother has said she will fulfill her dream of buying her own home after winning $570,000 (€500,000) on a scratch card.

According to Ireland's National Lottery, the woman, who is currently living in rental accommodation said she “never thought” she would see the day when she would be in a position to secure her future, and that of her children, by owning her own home.

“I presumed a house was always going to be out of my reach,” said the emotional Dublin mother.

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The mother hopes to buy the house she is currently renting

The mother hopes to buy the house she is currently renting

“This changes everything, I will see if I can buy the house that I am renting,” she said.

The woman held back the tears as she recounted the moment she won the life-changing sum of money.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw I had won €500,000, I thought surely this is only €5,000.

“I went out to my car and rang my boyfriend to tell him. I locked myself into the car for ages trying to let the news sink in.

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“I went back into my friends and finished my visit without saying anything and then went home.”

Speaking in the National Lottery Winner’s Room the delighted mother said the day before she bought the winning scratch card she told her dad she was going to win big on the Lotto.

“I just had this feeling that this was my time,” she said.

“Incredible that the very next day I won €500,000!"

The lucky winner also said she plans to buy a new car.

Remarkably, she was one of two winners visiting National Lottery headquarters to claim $570,000 (€500,000).

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The other lucky player was a Dublin man who scooped the top prize from the January 22 EuroMillions Plus draw.

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