A new Irish video is sweeping the internet with its call for gay marriage.

Sinead's Hand, which was made by the Irish gay marriage lobbying group MarriageEquality, is rocketing round Twitter as the must-see promo for same sex marriage.

"Great gay marriage equality video from Ireland. Simple but effective," says Yandoctor.

JustMarriedUs says: "Just want to say how much we LOVE your "Sinead's Hand" video. Witty, endearing, succinct. Thank you!"

The video has already gone viral on Twitter with several thousand clicks and the majority of users says it's the best argument they've ever seen.

Matarotwellness says;"This one never gets old...marriage rights for all, baby!"

And several users have retweeted the same comments praising the film.

"Excellent video for same-sex marriage in Ireland."

"Clever gay marriage ad from Ireland -- how would straight people feel?"

"Simple and Brilliant. Pass it on, please. Sinead's Hand."

The short movie shows a man knocking on doors throughout Ireland as he asks people for their permission to marry Sinead.

As Darkshifter on Twitter says; "How would you (straight people) feel if you had to ask 4 million people for permission to get married?"