John and Bridget Hegarty are set to ring in three-quarters of a century of marriage

Valentine’s Day will be especially romantic for John and Bridget Hegarty as the couple prepares to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.

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The Irish Mirror reports on John, 100, and Bridget, 95, who first met in 1942 when John asked Bridget to dance during a night out in Donegal.

“I asked Bridget out to dance, the boy asked the girl out that time," said John.

“I met her just before Lent and there wasn’t many dances on around that time so it was a long Lent then [waiting to see her].”

Two years later, the couple married on February 15, 1944. They went on to have four children, who have now brought them 17 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.

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The day after Valentine’s Day this year, the couple will mark their 75th wedding anniversary with a Mass celebrated in their home.

John told the Irish Mirror last month: “It’s a wonderful achievement."

Grandaughter Muriel Hegarty told the Irish Mirror: “They are celebrating their anniversary with a Mass in the house because they have great faith.”

“They are excited, grandad’s very excited, he can’t wait and he says it’ll be special.”

“Fr Gerard Cunningham is the local priest who’s saying it and only three of the grandchildren won’t be able to make it and all of the great-grandchildren will be there. They’re very close to them.”

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John reflects on the key to the couple's longevity: “Well neither of the two of us either drank or smoked and I think that was a big factor."

“I enjoyed my family, it was lovely, I had four children and we weren’t drinking or going out and we were happy in our own home.”