What’s the secret to love? According to these lovely Irish couples who told all for St. Valentine's Day, it’s fairly uncomplicated.

In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, in 2015, the fine folks at Facts decided to get some insights from Irish couples who’ve been together for decades.

Give a listen to what they have to say – you’ll be charmed by their sweetness, laugh at their subtle digs, and be surprised by how simple they make it all seem.

How did they fall for each other? They loved each other’s dancing, they met when he was driving a milk cart and she went on the rounds with him because she was “mad into the horses.”

They have wryly practical views on things: “She went away, and then she came back and she probably realized she couldn’t do any better.”

“There was no romance and flowers like nowadays and bringing you away to Paris and all that. Are ye mad? That was never even heard of!”

“I thought he was good looking enough...at the time.”

They finish each other’s sentences and have just the nicest things to say:

“We’re like a best friend.”

“We tell each other everything.”

“She goes away for a day or so, I miss her like terrible –”

“- No, we mostly go away together.”

“You care for one another. That is really love.”

*Originally published in February 2015.