Irish broadcaster Joe Duffy has published the first ever comprehensive list of children killed during the 1916 Easter Rising and is asking relatives of the victims to contact him as he wants to gather more information about their lives.

"There were 30 children killed during the week of the Easter Rising. Most of them were killed in crossfire; most of them were killed within a mile radius of O'Connell Street.

"There were two two-year-olds killed on Easter Monday, one of them was in his pram," Duffy told the Herald.

"I'm publishing a booklet with as much as I can find on each child. They were children, they had no direct descendants."

The RTE presenter decided to research the subject after the Jack & Jill Foundation, a children's charity, asked him to get take part in its public art project. He was given a glass Easter egg to paint and decided to print the names of the killed children.

"I expected to pick up a history book and read it but there was no full list," he said.

Of the 450 people killed during those six days, 260 were civilians including the 30 children.

"We've never had a commemoration of the children who died in the Rising."

Duffy hopes to publish his booklet "Children of the Revolution next week. He is asking the public to contact him with any information on the children  at

A view of O'Connell Bridge during the 1916 Easter RisingGoogle Images