The New York-based Kerrymen’s Association has opened up their doors to women as members for the first time since the association was founded in 1881.

For the first time in one hundred and thirty years women will be able to apply for membership of the county organization.

The landmark event ends a controversy as fiercely fought as gay marriage in New York for many of its members.

Kerry women had been fighting hard over the past few years to gain admittance to the organization, which they claimed discriminated against them.

The organization was founded in 1881 to help those from County Kerry in need. It grew to be the largest Irish county association in the New York area.

The organization has its own headquarters in Yonkers and holds highly successful fundraising events there.

It was active in the fight to legalize thousands of Irish undocumented .

It recently raised significant funds for the family of Saoirse Heffernan, a little girl who died from the rare Batten’s Disease who needed New York hospital treatment.