Mary Kennedy (90) is battered and bruised after her brush with a criminal in a WalMart parking lot.

Ninety-year-old Mary Kennedy is left severely bruised after she tried to fight off an attacker in a WalMart parking lot.

Kennedy, who lives in Florida, says a man approached her as she was loading groceries into her car. He said she had a nail in her tire before attacking her and trying to run off with her purse.

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“I said, ‘no you’re not going anywhere with my pocketbook, that’s my pocketbook!’” Kennedy tried to chase the attacker before he knocked her to the ground.

“He body slammed me down to the concrete and that was it, that was all I knew, I couldn’t get up,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy initially refused to go to the hospital as she, a diehard fan, didn’t want to miss the upcoming Miami Dolphins game.

“I waited all week for that, but the next morning I realized I couldn’t walk,” Kennedy said.

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Police were able to quickly apprehend 35-year-old Gilberto Garcia after witnesses had captured his license plate number. The criminal is facing robbery, burglary and aggravated battery charges with bond set at $110,000, records showed.

“She raised five children and she’s always been very tough,” said Cheri Kennedy Sanders, who is now caring for the still feisty 91-year-old mother.

“It was just unexpected, never happened to me before and ain’t gonna happen again because I’m going to watch everything,” Kennedy said.

You can watch the local report on Mary Kennedy from Today's TMJ4: