The Irish Minister for Justice Alan Shatter told the press this week he believes former Anglo Irish Bank chief executive David Drumm should co-operate with Irish police as he has been requested to do.

According to RTE, Minister Shatter made his comment after he noted that Drumm is protesting the coverage already taking place in the Irish media.

Drumm had earlier accused Irish politicians and senior officials of making him the scapegoat for the banking crisis and he criticized what he called the 'drip, drip, drip' release of secret phone recordings made as crisis hit the toxic lender in 2008.

'I do notice that Drumm, from the United States, is now protesting at the coverage that is taking place within the Irish media,' said Minister Shatter.

'I do believe he should co-operate with the Irish police as he has been requested to do and make himself available to answer any questions that remain to be answered in the context of the investigation that is taking place.'

Drumm, who is originally from Skerries in north County Dublin, fled to the US after Anglo Irish Bank collapsed.

Speaking to Irish journalists this week Minister Shatter said it was important to have an inquiry into the banking matters that have taken place.

Shatter added that some of the information that had come to light, including shocking tape recordings, had given the Irish public an interesting insight into the mindset of some of the individuals in Anglo Irish Bank.

'Quite clearly they had an approach that has annoyed substantially and shocked many people,' Shatter added.

Disgraced former Anglo boss, now based in Boston, David DrummGoogle Images